Looks like things are far from over for Drake and Chris Brown.  A new bystander has come forward claiming she was injured at last week's club brawl allegedly involving Chris Brown and Drake, who says she sustained two gashes on her arm that required 12 stitches.

Lucy Pavlovsky, who was reportedly partying at the bar with Fabolous when the fight erupted, is planning to sue the W.i.P. nightclub, plus Chris Brown AND Drake!

Her lawyer, Javier Solano, told E! News that they will consider legal action against Brown, Drake and their respective entourages if evidence points to their direct involvement in the bottle-smashing altercation that left Pavloskly hospitalized.

As for Brown and Drake's alleged involvement, "If it turns out that we have information that they were the ones at any point that threw a bottle, then they certainly will be made a defendant," he says.

"Secondly, if they were not the ones that threw the bottle, but the people that they employed threw the bottle," Solano adds, "then the employer should be held responsible."

Pavlovsky will be sitting down exclusively with E! News tonight at 7 for her first interview regarding what she saw at the club that night.  W.i.P. was shut down by law-enforcement officials over the weekend, and on Saturday, Drake spoke out for the first time since the run in, alluding to the incident during a concert in Long Island, N.Y.