The Basil 'Vehicles for Vets' has started! The final giveaway will be on August 14th at the Erie County Fair, also Veterans Day at the Fair - free admission to all those who are serving & have served! There will be 9 finalists total, and they can win a new car or $21,000 in Basil bucks towards the purchase of a vehicle.

Harold Thomas Scheg is our next finalist and he was nominated by his wife and kids! Here is what she wrote:

"My son asked me to do this for him. Harold is his step father. When I started dating Harold, he rented a home for us that allowed my son to see his father on a regular basis. They like to hang out and do man things like clean the motorcycle and work in the garage. He stepped in and took over raising my daughter and hopes to save the money very soon to adopt her, because as far as both of them are concerned, he is her father in every way that counts. Although he is retired from the military now after serving for 24 years, he works a full time job away from home as a truck driver so that I do not have to work, allowing me to stay at home and be a mom, believing that it's best for the kids to have a parent at home and nice home cooked meals. My daughter is autistic, so by not working I'm able to be there for her whenever it's needed. We have a vehicle, but due to the fact that he works away from home, he needs the a vehicle to get to work and in the winter he can't ride his motorcycle back and forth, leaving me without a vehicle during the week. He works hard at a time when he should be able to relax and enjoy his retirement so that we have a good life, so the kids get to see and do things that otherwise I could not give them. The picture I added is from Letchworth State Park, he has taken them to see the run to the wall in Washington D.C, to the Marine Museum while we were there, we go see every Fort we can so that we can learn about the wars of the past, and recently to see the Navy ships in Buffalo for Memorial day where we got to see a ceremony presented by some Korean war veterans. He makes sure that my kids get to have lots of fun, while learning everything he can teach them, he is a wonderful Step Father. I probably would have never done this, but my son is 10 years old and when he heard the ad on the radio for this, he was very excited about the idea, he honestly thinks the world of his stepfather and wants to do something amazing for him. I think that's sweet."