Last week an African American family was forced to leave their home in the Love Joy District. Now the  three teens that ran the family out of their home are officially charged with Hate Crimes.

Here is the latest news on the  escalating back-and-forth battle in the Lovejoy neighborhood.

17-year-old Wilfredo Vasquez, 19-year-old Jamie Zawadzki and 18-year-old Alex Boivin were arrested late Tuesday night and charged with Aggravated Harassment as a Hate Crime and Criminal Mischief.

According to police documents, the trio smashed out a window of a Benzinger Street home while yelling racial slurs and cuss words about the family sleeping inside.

"The mother tells me that people were calling her names, then they threatened to hurt her and the then she called in reinforcements and those reinforcements start beating up kids they see on the strip that might not have been the ones that made the accusations," explained  Common Council President Richard Fontana.

"So now you have innocent kids getting beat up, then the windows are broken later on cause of the innocent kids being beat-up. So that's how these things occur on the streets of the City of Buffalo."

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