Our Diversity Job Fair is today at the Buffalo Convention Center. If you’re looking for a job – there’s a good chance you can get one today. More than 50 companies have positions to fill and they’re ready to hire.

They likely won’t have any of these odd jobs to offer. These are real jobs that people do for a living.

Ever hear of a chicken sexer? Their responsibility is to determine the sex of newly hatched chicks. They pick ‘em up and take a look. Half of them head off to become hens….the other half eventually become dinner.

A job as a furniture tester has got to be one cool gig. There are machines that can test how well some materials will stand up to wear and tear, but only humans can determine how comfortable it’ll be. Chairs, sofas, beds – somebody’s got to test ‘em. Some people have that job.

Modeling can be a lucrative job – but not everybody is beautiful. There are some people who you really wouldn’t consider models – but they have beautiful body parts….like their hands or feet, or arms or legs. And they make a lot of money modeling those body parts….usually in the advertising of gloves, watches, jewelry, shoes or clothes.

Ever hear of an airplane repo man? Just like with cars, sometimes people buy private airplanes and fall way behind in their payments or just quit paying. That’s when the repo man steps in. It can be a dangerous job and requires a pilots license. It pays pretty well.

You probably won’t find any of those jobs at today’s job fair…..but you never know.