Buffalo and the rest of Western New York are home to a lot of delicious dishes -- like our world-famous chicken wings. But there are other foods that I'll discuss with my in-laws and out-of-state friends that make them go "WTF?"

I often forget that other people don't get to enjoy our city's finest foods. Here are five of my local favorites.

Beef on Weck. Beef on WHAT? Other cities have roast beef, but not everyone serves it on on a kimmelweck roll, topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds. Mmmmmmm -- extra horseradish, please!

Butter Lambs. A traditional item to have at Easter or during the Lenten season. Buffalo's Broadway Market is famous for making the butter lamb popular.

Loganberry. Rarely found or known of outside Western New York, this sweet drink is rumored to have its origins in the now-defunct Crystal Beach amusement park. The loganberry is a real berry -- a hybrid of a raspberry and a blackberry -- that was cultivated in 1880.

Garbage Plates. First popular in the Rochester, N.Y. area, this dish is a late-night (read: post-drinking) food of choice since it's packed with greasy carb goodness. I can feel my arteries hardening already!

Sponge Candy. Though the origins of sponge candy are a mystery, Buffalo is known for the delicious honeycomb toffee. Ask folks in other cities what sponge candy is, and I'm sure they will be left with a huge question mark over their heads.