Could Uber finally be coming to Western New York? Apparently there are signs of the company in the Buffalo area, but that doesn't mean the car service will be available here.

Uber allows people to download a free app onto their mobile device, which is then used to book a car service. Uber drivers use their own vehicles to pick up customers, and customers pay for the service via the app. Uber is similar to Lyft, which was in Buffalo at one time.

Uber was in the Buffalo area earlier this year as part of a promotion with EA Sports and the Madden NFL 16 video game.  WGRZ reported at the time that Buffalo is the only NFL city where Uber did not operate.

Now, it seems like there are more signs of Uber in Buffalo. WIVB reports that recruitment ads for drivers have been playing for the car service in Buffalo.

Apparently, however, the car service cannot currently operate in WNY. The owner of Liberty Cab told WIVB that "the Attorney General ruled that ride-sharing can not operate anywhere" in New York but NYC.