Tyler Perry has been hard at work filming his new film "The Marriage Counselor" due to release in 2012. The cast is, as usual, star-studded and looking great! The only unsual thing about this cast is that one of its members is causing major contraversy for Tyler and the film. Who is she? You guessed it! None other than Kim Kardashian! Tyler fans are enraged by his choice in Kim. They believe she doesn't hold the right image to be in the movie. People are not happy with the Ex-Mrs. Humphries calling her "real-life" marriage a scam to make millions of her fans. 

Mr. Perry wrote a letter to his supporters explaining his choice. He says he didn't have any idea about the wedding when he reached out to Kim for the role of Ava. At the time, Kim was looked at as the ultimate role model for girls of all ages for her business grind, beauty and family-oriented lifestyle. That is why Tyler wanted her for his film.

In Tyler's letter he states "I wanted a younger cast, that’s why I put Jurnee in the lead and invited Lance Gross, Robbie Jones and Brandy." He was looking to cast a younger crowd that will appeal to all because he wants to make sure EVERYONE sees this movie. I've seen the stage version of "The Marriage Counselor" and I must say, Tyler is right. There are many valuable lessons to learn within the story. 

 Talib Kweli wrote a littel something of his own as a reaction to all the hate and negativity over this one decision. He talks about supporting Tyler's decision because he's made so many good ones in the past when it comes to his movies and the business involved with them.

I would have to agree with Talib on this one. Kim is a business move that Tyler took a risk on and, whether his fans hate or not, he'll still make his big bucks off the film. Kim has a fanbase like no other who don't care about her marriage drama but will support any venture she dives into. I'm kind of interested in seeing if she does a good job with the role. It will be a good look for Kim if she pulls it off.

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