I just don't get OFWG, Lil B, or any of this other weird stuff that is going on in Hip Hop, and apparently they don't get themselves either because they do incredible stupid things. Some of it is just weird, pointless but most of it is just plain old stupid. This latest act by Tyler The Creator just seems like a plot to get some attention.

Tyler the Creator is sorry he trashed a bunch of sound equipment at a Hollywood nightclub back in December, nearly starting a riot in the process and now, he's proved it by paying roughly $8,000 to cover the damage. Tyler was arrested on December 22nd outside the world famous Roxy on Sunset Blvd.

The rapper performed at the venue and went nuts on stage, throwing things around and destroying a soundboard. Fans took to the streets to protest Tyler's arrest and it nearly became a riot situation.

So what is the point ? You trash a nightclub while on stage get arrested for it, then pay for the damages. Sounds incredible stupid to me, I feel like there is a contest in Hip Hop right now who can do or say the dumbest things and still keep peoples attention. Tyler the Creator is definitely a front runner in the contest. Congrats on wasting 8,000 dollars, i'm sure someone will say i'm hating but as the Forest Gump's Mama said "stupid is as stupid does".