This past Friday, February 24, 2012, live on "The People's Station 93.7 WBLK", Tyler Perry gave away a Harley Davidson Motorcycle (used in his new movie "Good Deeds") and donated $98,000 during The Tom Joyner Morning Show, to a Chicago Pastor who had been atop the roof of a building for approximately 90 days!!!

A Chicago Pastor, fed up with the rampant wave of violence in Chicago, vowed to remain on the roof of a building across from his church until he raised enough money to build a Community Center in an effort to put an end to the violence, and give young people something productive to do.

Tom Joyner's Morning Show (on "The People's Station, 93.7 WBLK) held a contest, in conjunction with Tyler Perry, to give away the Harley Davidson Motorcycle used in the new Tyler Perry movie "Good Deeds".  The Harley would be given to a deserving Church, based on a parishioner nominating their church and explaining why their church should be given the Harley bike.   A Chicago listener nominated her Pastor, who had been on the roof of the building across from his church since Christmas 2011, vowing to remain there until he raised the money for the Community Center.

The Pastor was awarded the Harley bike and then, out of nowhere, Tyler Perry asked the listener how much her Pastor needed to complete the Community Center project... she responded the Pastor was $98,000 short.  Tyler Perry, with no hesitation said, "tell your Pastor to come down...I'll give him the $98,000"!!!!!!

Tyler Perry's (Madea-less) new movie "Good Deeds"  debuted in theaters this past Friday and settled for a distant 2nd Place at the Box Office pulling in just $16 million.  It's the second lowest opening ever for a Tyler Perry movie, just beating out Perry's "Daddy's Little Girls" which brought in $11 million when it opened in 2007.