Tyler The Creator is making headlines for an alleged racist Mountain Dew commercial that he came up with. Watch the commercial and let us know your opinion inside...

Tyler The Creator is known for his random, outlandish stunts and music. He is someone who I wouldn't think Mountain Dew would give creative control to. If you haven't seen his behavior, check out the video below (warning: explicit language and actions).

After watching that, you may ask yourself "Why would Mountain Dew give him creative control of anything?" Same thing I was wondering. Check out the actual commercial below.

Tyler The Creator is the voice of the disturbed goat in the video. The police officer is urging the White woman to "Just Dew It" and pick one of the guys in the lineup.

The one with the Dew Rag. The one with four legs!

Veteran journalist Paul Porter from Raprehab.com got the commercial pulled from the Green Label website because of the racial stereotypes that promote the "thug" image of Black men, suggesting that they will rape, beat and abuse white women if given a chance. Check out his interview below (starts at 1:15).

Very interesting. Now check out Tyler's explanation of the commercial's concept.

Tell me what you think...