I saw this article on Madame Noir about a pastor who has actually banned weave from his church.

Resurrecting Faith church in Waco, Texas. A.J. Amir the founding pastor has banned the female leadership of his church from wearing weaves. Aamir says women who wear weaves have low self esteem and he wants them to embrace who they really are.

Aamir told America Preachers: “Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I’m saying." Aamir, who grew up in a strict Muslim household says he wants his congregation, where the average age of members is just 22 years old, to focus on what he deems as more important things than the hair on their heads.

Aamir is also concerned that his parishioners are spending too much money on hair.
“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads. I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

What are you thoughts on this ? Should a pastor be able to tell his church how to wear their hair ? He does have a legitimate concern about people spending to much on hair. Would he say the same thing if all the women were putting their weave money in the collection plate ? Thoughts please ?