At first I thought Ciara had a bad case of sweaty underarms when I saw #CiaraSweat trending on Twitter today. Come to find out, it's the title of her new song with 2 Chainz! The gritty new single is off her new album One Woman Army, which is set to drop this summer. Take a listen below!

It’s signature Ciara, but it’s Ciara circa 2012. The militant production falls right in line with what I expected to hear coming from this One Woman Army title.

CiCi recently opened up on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet talking about her new album:

"I worked with some people that are very fresh, which I'm excited about....When it comes to artists, when it comes to writers, when it comes to producers, I really wanted to push. We pretty much reached out and worked with a lot of people that I've never worked with before, which is really fun."