Dynesha Lax is frustrated with her teenage son. When the courts refused to properly punish her 14 year-son who was arrested for stealing and selling drugs. She made a sign and forced him to wear it around his neck for two hours along a busy highway in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While unconventional means of punishment, I think this is the frustration a lot of single moms feel.

I don't think this will work she needs to get to the root of the problem why he is behaving the way he is. That is another issue, that really needs to be dealt with I don't the courts can handle that. I remember my barber did this to his son when I stayed in North Carolina. When I asked him a couple months later how his son was doing, he was still doing the same things that got him in trouble. She should be commended for her effort to take action in her son's life but I don't think that this method is going to be effective.