My Facebook Friends have the funnest photos to share early in the morning.

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    Bling Bling Bang bang

    A lot of women are arming themselves these days. Kim's cute little pink gun goes well with her jewelry!

    FB User Kimberly MissPinctoes Kane
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    Not so Sexy

    Just because you have on fishnet stockings, doesn't mean you are sexy!

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    F*ck Your Couch!

    Dave Chapelle as Rick James Spoof

    Dave Chapelle
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    Dirty Little Hoe

    Perfect name for a Landscaping Company. Wife: "Honey, did you call that Dirty Little Hoe over here again?" Husband: (Proudly) Well Yes I did! Wife: "Our garden looks great"

    FB User BG On Air
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    BFFs Play Dress Up!

    Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold as Tyra Banks and Ms. J

    FB User James Padgett