DJ Bandana Black Favorite Albums:

(Not saying these are what I believe are the best of all time but just some of my favorites)


5.) Joe Budden(Joe Budden): while most people would say that Joe Budden is not that good of an artist they more than likely are making this assumption based on his attempt for Radio play with his most known Track PUMP IT UP. Although that single was very successful his catalogue is much deeper than that. When you listen to tracks from this release like WALK WITH ME or 10 MINUTES, you can see how clever he is with word play and how he paints a picture of his pain & glory through Hip Hop music. Besides being one of the most successful mix tape artist of recent history he has also released some solid full length albums.

4.) Nas (I AM): Before going to war with Hip Hop honcho Jay – Z, Nas was arguably the best Hip hop artist out at the time. Most people would say that his first release was his best ILL-MATIC, but in my opinion I AM held its own too.






3.) Jay – Z (HARD KNOCK LIFE): Now before I start I know almost all of you are going to say im bugging because Reasonable Doubt album for years has been considered Jay-z best work. But in my opinion the timing and just the whole condition of hip hop when he released Hard Knock Life was perfect. At a time when many Americans were going through hard times in the inner city, the single Hard Knock Life assured a lot of us that there was a way out if you worked hard and that we weren’t alone. Even the production on this release was stellar.



2.) Freeway (Free At last): Not only because Buffalo’s own DJ NOODLES produced one of my favorite songs of all time on this album have I chosen this, but because I followed the story and what this album really meant. This came at a time when Roc a fella records were going through a change a lot of people left the label with harsh feelings and a lot of the artist were looking like it was all over. But than Freeway came to show the world that the name Roc A fella still means Good music.



1.) Fantasia (Fantasia): Yeah Yeah I know already ‘Why Fantasia”?? lol, But she has made some great music through the years despite some of her public problems. With tracks like Baby Mama Fantasia gave pride to a lot of the single mothers who listens to her music. And on tracks like Truth Is the average person had a chance to see that Famous People go through some of the same problems that we do. Funny thing about me listening to her music if you talk to any one who knows me they will all say “Black Loves Him Some Fantasia” lol . I don’t see how they came to this conclusion just because I bought all of her releases and I named my car after her lol.