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    Joie Chavis Claims She Never Gave TMZ Her Daughter’s Birth Certificate

    Joie Chavis is at odds with TMZ after they apparently got a hold of her daughter’s birth certificate. TMZ contacted Miss Joie and told her they intended to write a story about Bow Wow being left off the child’s birth certificate.

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    Does New iPhone 5 Have Holographic Keyboard and Display? [VIDEO]

    We found this video on YouTube of an alleged iPhone 5 and if this is true the features are among the coolest we’ve seen in the smartphone world to date. The ability to project a full size holographic keyboard onto your desk is the most groundbreaking feature on the phone as well as the projectable holographic display.

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    Bow Wow is a Baby Daddy!

    Bow Wow’s former girlfriend video vixen “Ms Joie” Joie Chavis gave birth to a little girl, Shai Moss. Apparently she took to Twitter sharing the good news when she first found out she was pregnant.

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    Wiz Khalifa Speaks On His Limited Edition Sunglasses

    According to hiphopdx.com, in a recent interview, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa spoke on his new limited edition sunglasses. Only 500 pairs of the limited edition sunglasses will be released. Wiz also revealed that he plans on doing something with Converse as well.

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    Hip-Hop And R&B Album Release Dates

    According to Hiphopdx.com’s new rap releases for Tuesday, April 12, 9th Prince, John Robinson, Moka Only, Foreign Legion, J. Rocc, dead prez’s stic.man as well as Wiz Khalifa’s “Rolling Papers” are coming to vinyl. Mack 10 gives Glasses Malone’s career a boost and Swollen Members and former member Moka Only both are among those released today. Below are release dates for the coming weeks.

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    The Youngest Person Executed in the United States in the 20th Century

    George Junius Stinney Jr, the youngest person ever executed. He was a black boy arrested on the suspicion of murdering two young white girls. There names were Betty June Binnicker (11) and Mary Emma Thames (8). The incident took place in Chalendon County, SC on 3/24/1944. The girls were riding there bikes when they stopped to ask George and his sister Katrina where they could find “maypops”. The girls were later found dead in a ditch.

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    New Boyz Kicked Off The Scream Tour For Fighting Hamilton Park ? [VIDEO]

    When did Rap groups and R&B groups start fighting each other ? I guess everybody is a tough guy now a days. Hamilton Park and The New Boyz got into a fist fight outside of “The Scream Tour” in Philadelphia. As a result of the fight The New Boyz have been removed from the tour

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    As African American citizens living in the City of Buffalo, we are all too familiar with The Buffalo News and the way it’s staff reporters have chose to do business. Sensationalized stories and biased portrayals of our people are what many in our community have grown accustomed to and thus we have chose to continue boycotting The Buffalo News.

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    Does Carmelo Anthony Have A Secret Love Child?

    Now my mother always said “whats done in the dark will always come to light” well could this be coming to light now??? Rumor has it that New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony has a secret love child in NYC.

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    Nude Photo of Chris Brown Leaked

    MTV is reporting that a nude photo of Chris Brown was leaked by a former girl friend. The photo is of Chris Brown standing totally naked in front of a mirror and taking the photo with his cellphone.

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