Knowledge is always key to knowing who you are. Today in Black History for December 12:

1995 - 1st African American mayor of San Francisco
Willie Brown defeats incumbent mayor Frank Jordan to become 1st African American mayor of San Francisco.
1975 - The National Association of Black Journalists
The National Association of Black Journalists 3000 members strong with 74 affiliated professional chapters and 51 student chapters, is the largest media organization for people of color in the world. Founded December 12, 1975, our mission is to strengthen ties among African-American journalists, promote diversity in...
1963 - Kenya proclaimed independent
Kenya proclaimed independent.
1963 - Spingarn Medal : Medar Evers
Medgar Wiley Evers awarded Spingarn Medal posthumously for his civil rights leadership.
1938 - U.S. Supreme court Ruling
U.S. Supreme Court rules in Missouri that a state must provide equal educational facilities for Blacks within its boundaries. Lloyd Gaines, the plaintiff in the case, disappeared after the decision and was never located.
1918 - Joe Williams, jazz singer, born
Joe Williams, jazz singer, born
1912 - Henry Armstrong
Henry Armstrong was born in this day in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1938 he became the first boxer to hold three titles after winning the boxing lighweight championship.
1911 - birthday, Josh gibson
The home run king of the Negro Baseball League, Josh Gibson was born, 1911
1890 - Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson was born on December 12, 1890. He was a college and university president, Educator and minister.
1870 - Joseph Hayne Rainey
Joseph Hayne Rainey was the first Black elected to Congress to represent South Carolina. He was sworn in on this day to fill an unexpired term.