Knowledge  is always key to knowing who you are. Today in Black History for December 11:


1.  1980 - George Rogers is awarded the Heisman Trophy
George Rogers is awarded the Heisman Trophy.

2.  1964 - Sam Cooke
Sam Cooke died on this day after demanding entrance into the room of the night manager at a dollar-a-night motel where he was staying.

After a brief physical struggle, she fired 3 shots which mortally wounded Mr. Cooke.

3.  1961 - U.S. Supreme Court Reversed Conviction
U.S. Supreme Court reversed conviction of sixteen sit-in students who had been arrested in Baton Rouge.

4.  1928 - Lewis Latimore
Lewis Latimore died on this day in Flushing, NY on this day. Employed as a chief draftsman, Mr. Latimore makes the drawings for Alexander Graham Bell's telephone (1870).

5.  1926 - Blues singer Willlie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, born
Blues singer Willlie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, born

6.  1917 - Black Soliders Die
Thirteen Black soldiers hanged for alleged participation in Houston riot.

7.  1917 - Lynchings
Thirty-six Blacks reporters lynched in 1917.

8.  1917 - Jazz Migration
Jazz migration began. Joe Oliver left New Orleans and settled in Chicago and was joined by other stars.

9.  1917 - Spingarn Award: Harry T. Burleigh
Spingarn Medal presented to Harry T. Burleigh, composer and singer, for excellence in the field of music.

10.  1872 - 1st Governor
P.B.S Pinchback became the 1st African American governor of an American state, Louisiana