As the #BlackLivesMatter campaign continues to expand from protest against police brutality to abortion clinics across the Country, we MUST take a look at black on black crime right here in Buffalo.

News 4 arrived on the scene where three kids were shot and spoke with family members who are fed up with the violence on Buffalo's East side.

“What’s so sad is this is a holiday and we’re running around protesting about the police officers killing us and we doing it to ourselves,” John Walker said.

True... so sad, but true! Only when WE realize that all black lives matter will this senseless black on black violence stop. There have been decades of propaganda set to make us believe that black skin is ugly, inferior and disposable. So many of us suffer from depression and a lack of self-confidence from that lie that has been fed for so long. But the truth is, we are Kings & Queens who are here on this Earth to spread love and light. Let's act like it!


Stop the stupid Stop Snitching philosophy and let's rally and fight until the person who shot down three teenagers at a family picnic around 6pm in the 200 block of Schuele Avenue near E. Delevan in Buffalo is held accountable.

Call the confidential tipline at 716-847-2255.

“Please ’cause my granddaughter got shot for nothing, for nothing, she’s a kid,” Joanna Walker said.