Have you noticed the increasing amounts of UFO sightings around the World this year? I personally have been following a "Star-like" light in the sky for months now that gets brighter, dimmer and then just seems to disappear! Thousands of people believe that ET's from other worlds are preparing for a peaceful encounter with Earth and that they might be the solution to the predicted 2012 Apocalypse!

I am a very Spiritual person and I think it is ignorant to ignore the fact that intelligent life exsist outside Earth's 3 dimensional realms. Lately, it's become more and more apparent that people on Earth's surface are not only believing in the existence of Aliens, but that ET's might actually be able to save us from the doomsday of 12/21/12.

The Villagers of Bugarach, France with a population of just over 200, are bewildered at the steady stream of New Agers ("esoterics") arriving daily in vans with camping equipment preparing for the arrival of Alien Star Ships that is expected to greet earthlings at the town's "Upside down Mountain".
The Pic de Bugarach at 1,230 meters, is the highest in the Corbieres mountain range and many believe that mystical forces, energies and powers are resident at the mountain, like the biblical Mount Sinai.

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