This is a new blog I'm starting here on its very simple I will post a pic and you just give me your thoughts
here is what happened on FaceBook. Some people accused me of being a racist for posting the pic which I found hilarious. I didn't even notice the fake "tan" until I really looked at it again I just thought it was a picture of some ratchet white women. To keep it real they look absolutely ridiculous and they are either mocking black women or snooki from jersey shore, both should be offended.

Good comment I agree to a certain extent.

I didn't give these girls the idea, make up, camera, lighting, clothes, building or anything else for them to take this picture. So how in Christina's mind did she put the blame on me ? I'm not even sure if these are really women and I'm not the first person to post this picture.

These girls aren't Chapelle, Eddie Murphy or any other comedian. So why are they being compared to millionaire comedians who get paid to tell jokes. There is a thin line between being offensive and comedy. I agree if these girls intended being racist their are more important things in life to worry about.