People are asking the question...What Kind Of World Do We Live In? We live in a world that promotes the tragedy in CT....ranging from the IGNORANT music on our radio stations that... at year's end... gets recognized by the GRAMMY AWARD SHOW... to the $100,000,000 per year, paid Professional Athletes who cowardly Kill and Abuse women... to the Politicians and LEADERS of our Country who are unfaithful to their wives and families.... to the ADVERTISERS who capitalize on TRAGIC EVENTS such that they can run ads prior to you seeing the news videos that would ultimately allow you to view a BREAKING the very MEDIUM I'm using RIGHT NOW (FACEBOOK) that started all this widespread craziness... ALL based on the ability to RAPIDLY show SICKOS that not only are there other assholes like them out here in this world who like disrupting society...but also that WE, THE PEOPLE, "LIKE" our own sick and twisted fashion. It's's not that we condone it, or enjoy it, but it fuels the very thing we all have liked forever it seems...and that is OTHER PEOPLE'S TRAGIC NEWS & OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS...GLORIFIED GOSSIP ...we LOVE to HATE IT...It gives us a forum and platform to interact with one another and discuss other people's woes and tragedies, etc... it's entertainment in some respects... ULTIMATELY it's SICK and we are so used to it now that we don't even see ourselves as Culprits to all that takes place in this land. Some people will understand what I've written...others will not get it...but I can assure you that ALL OF US will continue to watch the news stories....try to get the FULL about it with our friends and co-workers...and continue to CAPITALIZE on the information we get about the CT shootings, the Buffalo shootings, the Chicago shootings, The Rochester shootings, the LA woman's firing, Chris Brown & Rihanna's sex and domestic violence lives, the 96 Year-Old man beat in his own home in a home invasion, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...SIMPLY to feed our own desires for TWISTED CONVERSATION! So What Kind Of World Do We Live In?...we live in a world that WE's no one's fault but our own. CONGRATULATIONS to us ALL!!! more thing...AS FAKE AS GOD AND JESUS ARE TO SOME...AND AS MUCH AS SOME ATTEMPT TO DISCREDIT, SLANDER, AND DISPROVE "THE BIBLE" AND DEEM IT A MEANS OF "CONTROL"...MAYBE...JUST MAYBE...IF WE HAD A COUNTRY THAT WAS "CONTROLLED" BY THIS FAKE GOD , JESUS & BIBLE...THERE WOULDN'T BE 18 LITTLE MURDERED CHILDREN WHO WILL BE MISSING "HIS" (JESUS') BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!