Tonight's BIG DUMMY is Tangalletta Andrew. The 25-year-old streetwalker was arrested three in two days after she was picked up selling her "goods" on the mean streets of Memphis, Tenn.

She was first arrested shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday. After posting a $100 bond, she was back on the streets. At 1:21 a.m. Sunday, she was back in jail. After posting a $250 bond, she was on the streets again. Then at 7:06 Monday morning, she was arrested...again. Per usual, she posted bond ($250) and was a free bird.

Maybe she will be able to break her record and get arrested four times tomorrow? I don't judge how any one makes their money, but at this point, she needs to find something else to do. Either the police are targeting her, or she might be the worst prostitute ever. You have to commend her work ethic, though -- she wasn't going to let getting arrested stop her from getting her money.