Unfortunately, there has been soooo much that has transpired after the premier of Love & Hip Hop ATL that most of today's segment has been dedicated to the debockery!

The first thing that I wasnt to address is producer extraorinaire Stevie J. and his blatant cheating with his questionable hispanic artist Joseline! C'mon Stevie, you are from Buffalo and you're giving the men here a bad rep! After watching Stevie cheating a flaunting Joseline around on camera, his current girlfriend Mimi states that she lived through it all for the first time on camera and only had knowledge of Joseline a couple of weeks prior to taping! I hope in the coming episodes he tries to correct this mess with Mimi because she seems like a good girl!

More fallout since the episode aired....appaerently the man that K. Michelle was referring to "beating" her is Toya Wright's (Lil Wayne's ex-wife) current husband Memphitz! Of course Twitter was the tool to try to clear the air, Memphitz denying the claims and Toya defended her Beau.

Twitter was the battlefield for K. Michelle and another cast member as well! Karlie Redd has been her target on Twitter blasting her about being a drug addict, and not having custody of her child. K. Michelle is an educated woman so I didn't expect for her to be soooo sloppy on Twitter! We still have yet to find out why they're beefing in the first place, guess we'll have to stay tuned!

Moving on...sorry fellas! Your dream girl Megan Good is off the market. The well-known actress tied the knot to Hollywood producer, DeVon Franklin! Congrats!

It seems like Drake and Chris Brown are finding other ways to resolve their issues with one another. Both have dropped charges. I was left wondering why Chris Brown was so upset about the note sent by Drake stating that he is still with Rihanna when Chris Brown had his girlfriend with him? Well my answer was questioned when photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna surfaced online in the past few days of Rihanna kissing Crhis as he slept. That explains it! The two are apparently still dealing on some level...poor Karrueche.

That's all folks until next week!! Hit me up on twitter @redd_roxx!