In the latest Basketball Wives L.A. drama, producers make a move that completely
contradicts the name of the show. They are giving one of the only Basketball wife
on the show, except for Malasyia who’s also getting the boot! Gloria Govan who
is now married to NBA baller Matt Barnes says that she’s being given her pink
slip because she refused to have their secret wedding filmed for the show a few
weeks ago and the producers found out about it at the same time as everyone else!
I personally feel like they need to rename the show if they’re going to fire people
for being an actual BASKETBALL WIFE! Her sister Laura and newbie Brooke Bailey
have also been cut from the show.

Take a look at the video!

All good things must come to an end! 50 Cent took to Twitter this week to announce
that The Money Team, whom Floyd Mayweather was a part of, is no longer a team, citing ironically that money was an issue for some of its members.

After tweeting a few low blows at Mayweather, Mayweather faught back! Check it
out the heated exchange below!


































Do you think this could be a publicity stunt?

Just when we thought that the Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster child custody saga has ended, a local Atlanta news station has launched an investigation into the case to find out if contributions from Usher's legal team to the attending Judge's campaign influenced the decision that granted Usher with sole custody.