You might have already heard that Chris Brown and Rihanna have made the rekindling of their relationship official. The two were spotted out on a date Wednesday night in Brooklyn at Jay-Z's concert. Oprah who just did an interview with Rihanna on her Show Oprah's next chapter stated that she's not surprised at all about their relationship. Let's hope Chris Breezy has learned his lesson and will do right by the Barbados Singer.

Speaking of relationships, we all know that Usher has no problem moving on and he is with a girl named Grace. She's the girl that QTip & The Tribe Called Quests hit International Song Benita Applebaum was written about! Well now usher has her appleBUM all to himself!

In the light of the recent incidents that took place between Singer Mariah Carey and Female MC Nicki Minaj after an argument ensued between the two of them during the American Idol auditions Maria Carey told Barbara Walter that she has "Hired extra security" after overhearing Nicki Minaj make life threatening comments about her. Seems Nicki is channeling her Queens NY roots, I guess money didn't change a thing!