The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show taped this weekend and of course it's full of Drama! After rapper Lil Scrappy spilled his feelings about Shay Buckeye Johnson he proceeded to get on one knee and propose to his long term girlfriend and baby momma Erica Dixon! It hasn't been confirmed yet if she has accepted but lets hope this is a move in the right direction for the couple. To add to the drama singer K. Michelle punched female rapper Rasheeda in the face! Its obvious that producers want to make sure that drama seekers are tuned in until the very last minute and hopefully stick around until season 2!

In Celeb Tweet Beefs this week we have female rappers Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks! After Azealia turned down an offer to tour with Nicki Minaj due to schedule conflicts, Nicki took the offense by tweeting "#ManTheseB******Delirious" (Peep the spelling lol)! Azealia followed up by @ting the self proclaimed Harajuku Barbie is a series of tweets which included telling her that she should learn how to spell when insulting others  and also tweeted "#VeryQuicklyTakingYourJob". It seems miss banks has move on from Lil Kim whose barely relevant at the moment to the VERY relevant Nicki Minaj. I wonder if Nicki will even bother responding.

Even after the very sad and unfortunate passing of Usher's stepson and ex-wife's Tameaka Foster's son, the two still plan to continue the bitter custody battle for they're children. Tameka recently released a statement stating that she didn't want to ensue a custody battle in the first place, and that she will continue to fight for the best interest of her children. If any lesson was learned through the tragic events that took place I was hoping that it would be that life is too short for the legal foolishness that they are participating in. Still however, my condolences goes out to their entire family and I'm hoping that they will be able to wrap up their court proceedings soon.

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