I sense another train wreck of a reality show on the horizon! I loved Whitney Houston just like everybody else, but am I interested in seeing her family make a fool of themselves on TV? Not so much! Whitney's mother, brother, sister and daughter Bobbi Christina, among others have signed on with Lifetime Network for a reality show called The Houston Family Chronicles....I predict it will be nothing like The Braxton Family Values, but who knows! We may be pleasantly surprised!

I spoke about Karrine Steffens aka Superhead a few weeks ago when she blasted her husband on her website and she's back pulling cards! This time it's with her ex bow wow! She tweeted photos and subtweets about being with Bow Wow. When will this chick learn? I'm not even sure how dudes can mess with this girl still, she puts EVERYBODY on blast that she mess with! Check out the full story and photos  --------> Here

Shots fired at Rihanna!! Seems her past lovers i.e. Drake and Chris Brown aren't too happy with her cakes. Earlier in the week Chris Breezy released a dis track about her and now Drake also fires shots at her in his record No Lie! It sounded like one big subtweet to me! My, my, my, how the tables have turned! It's usually the women putting men on blast but the men are definitely shooting back!

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