This is unreal! The Cheltenham Badlands are located in Ontario, and they are amazing. We've never been to another planet, but this place sure makes us think we have! This is so cool.

  • Open year-round.
  • Viewing Only.
  • Limited Roadside Parking.

The Cheltenham Badlands are a series of bare red hills and gullies that formed because of overgrazing. The area was once a productive farmland region.

Where does the red come from? Iron oxide deposits. The faint green streaks are due to water percolation changing that red iron oxide into green iron oxide.

The badlands are about two hours from Buffalo, and definitely worth the drive.

The badlands is a great drive through the country and a nice little location. You aren't allowed to park on the road or visit them for the time being, which means you can do some sneaky pseudo-parking with blinkers on the side of the road to take pictures and leave," Colin M. wrote on TripAdvisor.