I was going to put this into the BIG DUMMY FILES, but I can't because what Charles Ramsey did was so great, so we have to give him a pass.

Ramsey, a Cleveland man, rescued three women who went missing a decade ago when they were teenagers. Charles said after eating a meal from McDonald's this afternoon, he went outside and saw a frantic woman inside his neighbor's home screaming to get his attention.

She told him to call police. Charles said he immediately knew something terrible was amiss because "when a little pretty girl runs into a black man's arms, something is wrong there."

The woman is Amanda Berry, who went missing in 2003 a day before her 17th birthday. Cops soon arrived and swooped down on the home. Inside they found Gina DeJesus, who went missing in 2004 at age 14, and a third woman, Michelle Knight, who went missing in 2005. Amanda, now 27, Gina, 23, and Michelle, 32, were taken to taken to a local hospital.

This whole story is crazy, but shout out to Charles Ramsey. I'm glad he found those women, but what is going on with his look? I think he might be related to this guy.