Here’s a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:

1804 – Napoleonic Code is approved in France, giving the country its first post-revolutionary set of laws concerning property, colonial affairs, the family, and individual rights (More info)

1963 – Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay closes down and transfers its last prisoners (More info)

1965 – Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 people on the start of the third and finally successful civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama (More info)

1980 – President Jimmy Carter announces that the US will boycott the Olympic Summer Games in Moscow (More info)

1980 – On the season finale of the popular primetime drama ‘Dallas,’ the evil J.R. Ewing is shot by an unseen assailant, leading to the catchphrase “who shot J.R.?” (More info)