Ever since the breakup of  "Roc A fella Records" everyone has been asking the same question, What will everyone besides Jay-Z & Kanye West do with their music career  now ?. Well Young Chris (of the YOUNG GUNZ) has proven that he has no plans of leaving just yet with his newest release THE  RE - INTRODUCTION (released on his newest label home Division One. He wastes no time with this release showing how much growth he has acquired musically. Right from the intro you can see how Chris feels about him self compared to today's so called hot artist with lines like: "I will destroy all these wack rappers yall hyping up". And on the "Streets Secrets" cut you can almost feel for yourself  how Chris feels about some of the recent popular people from his city Philly. without being to obvious he throws a few shots at a fellow Philly native "Tommy Hill" who has recently came forward about a few rumors about his criminal past. Freeway (also a artist from the Roc A fella golden years) is featured on this track and has a few things himself to get off his chest. In todays market its rare that you find a well rounded album that has music for all areas but Chris proves he has what it takes to make club music too with the instant club hit "Break A B#tch Down" which has been gaining spins in clubs all through out the East Coast. At the end of the day i can honestly say that "The Re - Introduction is a solid effort from Young Chris and i am anticipating that this is just beginning we can all expect great things in the near future from Chris.