#TheBandanaReview: Yo Gotti - Cm6 Gangsta Of The Year

 Yo Gotti has been in the music industry for years grinding to make his mark. So when I got the news he was dropping another mixtape I was anxious to hear it because I respect his work ethic. I have to admit that his type of music is strictly for a certain demographic that comes from the same struggles in life that he comes from.

The track that stood out to me first was track # 5 "RED WHIT AND BLUE" where yo Gotti speaks on certain things that have been apart of his life. I like this song because he didn't sugar coat it so it would be accepted he got right to the point and spoke what was on his mind. Another stand out track on this release is # 11 "Messed Up (momma)" where he shares a more personal view of him self and he apologizes to his mom for the life he chose growing up. You can respect it because at least he is aware of some of his mistakes and he takes the time out to show it. Another good track is #12 "Four" featuring Young Jeezy. This is major because Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy both share the same messed up past of being a street hustler, and they both sound sincere when rapping about it.
In closing i would have to say that this was a great release and a good addition to the catalogue that Yo Gotti has been building.