First let me start by saying that Rick Ross is one of the smartest Rappers out right now. Instead of just dropping another RICK ROSS album he decided to reach out and build his empire first by enlisting Wale & Mill, and boy was that a great choice. This album was well put together from lyrics to beats and in my opinion there were no "FILLER" records on this album. My favorite track so far is "Tupac Back" which starts off with Tupac Shakur speaking in the intro than staright fire lyrics. Even though i am a Rick Ross fan i would have to say that Meek Mill had the best verse on this one. the production on this album was also great usually Big name artist would save all the good beats for their solo projects, but you can tell that Rick Really wants the whole team to win !!. As i always say don't just take my word go out and buy the album and judge for yourself .