First let me start by saying that i was not always the biggest Lupe fan (and oh man was i wrong lol) after hearing tracks like "Words I Never Said" I am seriously thinking about updating my TOP 5 artist of today. Allot of today's artist compromise their art for commercial success but with LASERS, Lupe seems to care a less about album sales or radio success, hes more focused on what most of us would call it "Substance", This is even more evident on the track titled "I Don't Want To Care Right Now". Lupe sets the tone of an artist with nothing to loose and real fans can appreciate that. Production on Lasers was also up to par, You can tell Lupe didn't shop for beats by "Producers status" but more from what is actually hot. In closing i would say that my favorite track on this masterpiece would be "Break The Chain" but check it out for your self and become a believer lol. I wish Lupe much success in the future and i am UN-patiently waiting for more lol.