In a time of what most people would call "Commercial Rap" Joe Budden releases an album that shows substance still exists with MOOD MUZIK 4. If you ask the average person who is Joe Budden they might reply with "Oh The Pump It Up Guy ?", but for those of us who doesn't judge an artist on one song alone the answer might be "Top 5 artist of today". Mood Muzik starts off with the mood changing intro "Pray For Me",

where Joe shares his inner thoughts and feelings. he has always been know to not be afraid to express his emotions through music with the fans this is even more evident on track #3 Role Reversal where he explains the frustration of providing for another mans child and hos his own child doesn't get the same benefits as the one he is providing for, he explains how it feels from both roles. On the track FOLLOW YOUR LEAD Joe shows a more religious view of his feelings as he almost paints a picture in your head of what he has gone through. #BandanaFavoriteTrack ------> 1000 FACES this track is my favorite by far because you can put your self in Joe's mind and heart and really get the chance to know the man behind the music !!! MOOD MUZIK 4 was an album that in my book gets the "Instant Classic" title. But dont just take my word go get the album and experience the Artistry for your self !!!.