For True Dip Set fans this "Gunz & Butta" release is a must have for the personal collection because in a since this is the introduction of the newest member VADO. But by all means dont be mistaken VADO has his own "Movement Moving" (a lil Dip Set slang lol) he and Cam make it Known that its the U.N. movement that they rep while Cam still reps for The Diplomats. For years Cam had been missing on the Hip Hop scene due to personal issues in his life. So when talks of him coming out as sort of a duo with Vado spread the streets went crazy !!. First let me start by saying that even though the feel of this release felt more like a Mixtape than Album it still holds its weight amongst other recently released albums. Vado shows that hes not just the side kick and lyrically commits murder on tracks like "Monster Muzik" as Cam shows that hes still one of the nicest on tracks like "We All Up In Here" which is already spinning in almost every club in NY State. I would have to say that the production was up to par which it has always been throughout Cam' Ron's career. My favorite track would have to be "Speakin In Tungs" just the beat alone gets the clubs going crazy and when you add on nice verses from Cam & Vado it makes for what i would say is an instant hit. And now that Dip Set is officially back together we can all be on the look out for much more music from them all in the near future. So make sure you go out today and pick this album up and support the Movement. Luckily i received this album about a week before it came out (Clean Version) so i was able to stay ahead of the game lol.