Big Sean finally drops his debut album FINALLY FAMOUS after signing with Kanye West’s GOOD MUSIC fans across the world have been anticipating this release. With comparisons to Drake at first listen I was kind of skeptical on how Sean would pull it off, but after giving a full listen Sean makes his own mark in the Hip Hop field. With clever word play and great features I can honestly say that this was a solid release. Production on this album was up to par, you can tell that the label really believes in Sean as an artist. To me the stand out track would have to be “WAIT FOR ME” featuring Lupe Fiasco, you would think with all the other big name features this track would get over looked but Lupe proves he’s a notable force. All together I would have to say that this was a solid release that puts Big Sean in a great position for future releases.

So make sure you go out or online and purchase this must have release and be your own judge on it.