It all started in March 2009. While watching from the 13th floor of the Rand Building here in downtown Buffalo, I saw a large group of high school students fighting and behaving in a very demoralizing and degrading way at the corner of Washington and Broadway. I remember the saggin' pants, the disrespect, the lack of discipline and low moral standards!

What really bothered me about this incident is that Barack Obama had just become the president, and there was such a positive vibe sweeping the community and the country — beyond the politics, Obama was the symbol of black manhood, and the men in our community needed to embrace that and feel good about it!

I was embarrassed and bothered so much by what I saw that I knew right then and there that it was time to begin the process of injecting knowledge (of self) into the community. And so, the Know Thyself campaign was born.

So now here we are three years into to the campaign that was designed to inform, educate and assist our community to rediscover the awareness of self! African history is a very rich history -- a history that must be taught to our children, so that they will be able to stand with their heads held high on a foundation of truth, loaded with cultural and self-identity, courage and the strength to survive in a very cruel and sometimes cold world.

My family and I have been blessed with the opportunity to go back to the Motherland of Africa. We're calling it the "Know Thyself Educational Tour" in Kemet, and we wish to share our experience with you and your family as we bring you updates of our two-week vacation at This is one liberating experience that is raising my family's level of awareness and consciousness as we continue to gain knowledge of self!

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Shem Hotep (I go in peace)

Chris Reynolds