If you’re anything like me, your football knowledge is limited, and the most exciting part of the Superbowl is probably the commercials; but if you’re also like me, this Sunday you’ll be surrounded by football fans who know more particulars than you could ever imagine. So how do you fit in and look like a savvy football fan?

I found an article on cnn.com titled “A Guide for Looking Smart about the Superbowl” that broke down the 5 major points to focus on during the game so that all us ‘bandwagon’ fans can look like football aficionados at our Superbowl parties. I then put the 5 points into a ‘Football for Dummies’ format so even those of us who are way behind in our football lingo can show off.

1.) Talk About the ‘Zone Blitz

Ok, I’ll admit I had no idea what this meant but I think the article had a wonderful suggestion, ‘follow the fat guys.’ What this basically means is the ‘big fat guys’ who usually rush the quarterback fall back into pass coverage, and the smaller quick players who usually cover, rush the quarterback. The purpose of this role reversal is to confuse the offense and catch them unprepared.

2.) Point Out the ‘Big 5’

One of Green Bay’s major offensive formations used throughout the season is referred to as the “Big 5.” This is when Green Bay has no running back on the field and 5 wide receivers. What does this mean? Without a running back, the ball will clearly not be run; it will be a pass by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, so watch for an open receiver.

3.) Be Mindful of the Middle

Everyone should be able to recognize the guy that snaps the ball to the quarterback at the beginning of a play, but what many people do not realize is how important this player really is to the grand scheme of the game. Unfortunately for the Steeler’s, Maurkice Pouncey, who usually dominates this position may not be able to play due to injury.  Even if he does play, the question remains how will he be able to block the 345 pound Packer’s defense lineman B.J. Raji. With Pouncey’s health in question, back up player Doug Legursky is in line to start on Superbowl Sunday. This is a major problem because Legursky has NEVER started a NFL game as center. The pressure of starting his first NFL game in the Superbowl, and playing nose to nose against a 345 pound powerhouse, Legursky’s performance will be something to look out for.

4.) An Eye on One Angry Man

Another hot topic throughout the NFL season has been Steeler’s linebacker James Harrison. Harrison has been known for being a very vicious hitter, and has even been fined over $100,000 this season for his aggressive behavior on the field. Because Harrison doesn’t agree with these actions, expect him to take his anger out on the Packers. This will definitely have the audience on the edge of their seat.

5.) Where’s Troy?

This season the Steeler’s Troy Polamalu was awarded the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. Known for being a versatile player, Polamalu was someone you could see all over the field. Lately however, he’s been playing a more traditional role in the defensive backfield. Many speculate this is due to an injury issue, as Polamalu has missed two games this year. Overall, Polamalu has missed 13 games in the last two years. A very impressive fact for your friends is that Pittsburgh held a 6-7 record when Polamalu was out and a 17-4 record when he was in the line-up. For the Steelers, Polamalu’s performance will be a deciding factor in their victory.