I just checked out Todd Anderson's blog on "The Fox News" Anchor who made the claim that everyone knows Jesus and the historical Santa Clause are white. I know it sounds crazy, but I remember when I was in the 3rd grade I went and did extensive research on the existence of Santa Clause. I ended up reading a book about the The Real Saint Nicholas. I was shocked to learn that he wasn't fat; didn't have a white beard, or Rosey cheeks. He helped form the Catholic Church and he didn't even give out presents. Imagine the shock at 10 years old when I just found this guy.


This whole debate is stupid people should just learn history. The current image that people use for Santa Clause is a white person. We live in a country where most of American traditions are based off of a time when the country was overwhelmingly racist. So of course your traditional Santa Clause is white. It's 2013 let the kids believe Santa Clause is whatever color they want him to be.