Meet Maya Satterwhite, an independent artist from Buffalo, on Yasmin Young's new web show The Queen City Come Up. With so much talent here in the QC, how could I not highlight the best of the best!

Maya, 18 year old singer/songwriter, has been singing her whole life. The Buffalo native began writing her own songs at age 10, when she received her first acoustic guitar. Maya then began to find and define her own style. Her debut EP, 'Arrival', is a culmination of her musical influences, and showcases her versatile vocals across the spectrum from melodic keys, to aggressive guitar riffs. While punchy and youthful, this EP shares with it's listener Maya's personal struggles and heartbreak on her path to adulthood. The teen is eager to show the world why her 'Arrival' is just the beginning.

Contact Maya:

Insta: @MayaByName
Twitter: @MayaByName

Upcoming show dates:

DBGBs guest vocalist-Tuesday, October 13th; 830-1130pm
Habibi Sheesha Lounge- Friday, October 9th; 12am

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