On the news every single night in every major city in America, you see the image of a Black man doing wrong. Most people incarcerated are black men. And the "Independent Woman" attitude has some men feeling less important in their own house.

Is this just a coincidence, or is there a plot to destroy the image of the Black man in America?

This video clip from the documentary "Hidden Colors" exposes the open and active plan to destroy the masculine image of the black male, which is being used to protect against white genetic annihilation.

Towards the end of this video Dave Chapelle breaks down how strong black men are "put in dresses" in movies and TV shows!!! Take a look at what they are doing to our son's role models!

Just think with me...How often do you see a black male as the Valedictorian of a class? How often do you see a black male who is married and in the household with his children? How often do you see black males going to jail? How often do you see black males dropping out of school? How often do you see black men acting feminine?

Don't fall victim to the trap! Right Knowledge corrects wrong behavior. #KnowThySelf