Looking for some Occupy Wall Street swag? Jay-Z has got all the Occupy Wall Street swag you need ! He has launched a line of Occupy Wall Street inspired shirts to be sold on the rocawear website. According to the Huffington Post Jay-Z has 99 problems but the 99% isn't one.

A spokesperson from Rocawear told Business Insider in a statement that the company has not “made an official commitment” to support the movement financially. Before you start judging Jay-Z isn't the only person smart enough to make money off of the "Occupy" people. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has received a rash of applications from merchants, lawyers and others to trademark phrases like “Occupy” and “We Are The 99 Percent.”

I'm never anyone to knock anyone from making their money so props to Jay-Z, that is probably what separates the 1% from the rest of us they see an opportunity to make money when the rest of us want to protest. I'm inspired, like Jay said "Im A Hustler Baby I Just want You To Know".