The New Black Panther Party has had enough! They are putting a bounty out for George Zimmerman, killer of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. The New Black Panther Party issued a press conference to address the controversy  concerning the murdered teen. The Speaker of the party was Minister Mikhail Muhummud and he announced that the black community, athletes, and entertainers are coming together to raise close to $1 million dollars for the capture of Zimmerman. They want him “Dead or Alive”.

The NBBP feels the government is not doing their job efficiently and calls on President Obama to take charge. He went on to talk about African Americans being oppressed for 400 years and still being 3rd class citizens in America. He went on to say “no longer can you kill our black children and get away with it”.

Now I know I’ve seen police officers and security guards abusing their power, using excessive force, and extreme brutality to apprehend a suspect. I have even been in situations where I’ve felt I was being racially profiled. I am just hoping the family of Trayvon receives some type of closure from this terrible tragedy. Power to the People!!