If you are in Buffalo now or have ever lived in Buffalo, you are a Bills fan. The end. Period. No comments. No alternatives. Get your red and blue out and Let's Go Buffalo! And because we here at WYRK are such Bills fans, we occasionally spend our time searching the internet for Bills stuff.

Well today we headed over to Youtube to watch some old Bills videos and instead stumbled across the most watched BIlls videos on Youtube, and that led to laughter.

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    The Bills Make Me Want to Shout


    This is the PERFECT way to kick this list off! Come on, "The Bills Make Me Want to – Shout!" Let's do this, Buffalo!!

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    Flipping the Bird

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    David Nelson Hugs Cheerleader


    It's not exactly what you expect. A Bills player makes a touchdown and he races to embrace a cheerleader -- who is cheering for the opposing team! But hey, relationships go beyond the field in football and you never know who might end up being friends.

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    Kevin Everett Hit to Helment


    It is almost impossible to forget this one. In 2007, this was a terrible reminder of just how dangerous it is to play professional sports. Kevin Everett suffered severe spine injury after a hit to the helment in this tackle.

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    Bills Fan Falls from 300 Level

    With over 800,000 views, this video has been around. We won't say this one is hilarious because this is extremely dangerous and scary.