Ever wonder what the most Googled baby name is in New York State? Are you wondering if the name you're searching is the same one everyone else is debating using? Well Time magazine published a list of the most popular baby names in each state, based on Google searches conducted during the last year.

Michael, James and Avery were the top three male names nationally, but for New York? Ethan took the honors of the most googled baby name.

Meanwhile Elizabeth, Olivia and Emma were the top three female baby names based on Google searches for 'meaning of' nationally, and Ava was the top New York name. The name was also the top searched name in Pennsylvania as well as Massachusetts.

Meanwhile the Social Security Administration has also released the most popular baby names of 2014. These are the names that were actually chosen by parents, not just Googled.

In line with research from google searches, Emma and Olivia were the most commonly chosen girl names last year. Noah was the most popular boys' name, followed by Liam. You can see the full list of Most Googled Baby Names By State here and The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 here.