As March Madness approaches there will be a number of people glued to their TV sets, monitoring their brackets, and rooting for their favorite collegiate team. All too often young black boys from the inner city idolize these images of the black athlete on television and cash in their desire to acquire a higher education—to  be like LeBron. These young black college athletes are idolized by the young boys around the way and usually little emphasis is stressed on education and higher learning, only a career as a pro athlete. There is a ton of money that goes to the NCAA that is generated by the skills of these young black athletes and to my knowledge I do not know of any programs that have been set up in the black community that benefit the neighborhoods from which these talented athletes are spawned. Is it time to address and devise programs funded by the NCAA to help with our depleting educational system in the inner city, the mass incarceration of young black boys in the inner city, just a thought!  What do you think?

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