If you were planning to grab some Mighty Taco for dinner, you might want to read this first!

Credit: WGRZ

After several complaints of illnesses, The Erie County Health Department says they are investigating several local Mighty Taco locations, according to WGRZ. Erie County Health officials were at the locations Wednesday and yesterday, trying to figure out what might be the cause. Mighty Taco released a statement that says the complaints were from five people at four locations. They are currently testing a batch of refried beans and removed that batch from their restaurants. Several Niagara County locations are being looked at also.

Public health sanitarians spent parts of Wednesday and Thursday morning looking into the affected locations.

The health department would not confirm which locations are being investigated, or how many people were affected.

Mighty Taco released the following statement:
"For the past few days, Mighty Taco has been working both internally and with the Erie County Health Department to investigate illness concerns expressed by a small number of customers. Mighty Taco first became aware of the situation when five customers from only four store locations recently reported these concerns.

The focus has now turned to the New York State Department of Health testing an isolated batch of refried beans provided by a third-party supplier for any possible cause. There are no conclusive results at this time but, in an abundance of caution, Mighty Taco has voluntarily removed that sole suspect batch of refried beans from our stores and that batch is no longer available to customers.

Mighty Taco takes this very seriously and is committed to providing the best products as we daily serve thousands of meals for our customers throughout Western New York."

I'm sad about this, not only for the people who got sick (because food poisoning is HORRIBLE), but also because I like Mighty Taco's vegan/vegetarian options, all of which use the refried beans. At this point, I am grateful they are investigating, but I won't feel comfortable eating there for a while. Will you stop eating at Might Taco?

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