Okay if your confused about what is going on with US government here is what is going on.

Republicans hate Obamacare. Some of them—the hard right, perpetually angry Tea Party types who are mostly in the House of Representatives—hate it so much that they’re refusing to pass a routine continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government’s normal operations unless Obamacare isn’t funded. Since Republicans control the House (and there are enough in the defund-Obamacare caucus for their opinions to really count—we'll get to that), they can do this if they want. Yesterday, House Republicans continued to pass bills that dismantled parts of Obamacare even though they had no chance of passing the Senate or getting signed by president Obama.

This strategy is stupid, people are going to blame the GOP for slowing down the government. What makes it even worse the only reason the CR didn't get passed is because republicans are bickering with other republicans. While this is going on the Democrats which are the minority in the house are sitting back watching while one political party argues with each other.

Another reason this whole this is stupid is because it is not an actual shut down. The Postal Service is still delivering mail, the military is still dropping bombs, Social Security and Medicare payments are getting sent out, prisons are still open, and Obamacare will now start to be implemented bit by bit.

This is a waste of time ... and probably a distraction from something else important going on. Welcome the US Government to the BIG DUMMY FILES.